Summer or Winter Christmas: Battle of the Seasons

It’s almost Christmas! Wow! We’ve had such an amazing year, but we’re now looking forward to wrapping the year up, with family and friends, and some incredible feasting! We haven’t posted in a while  – sorry guys! – so we thought we’d bring you a bit of a Christmas battle of the seasons to get you dreaming of your favourite holiday festivities! It’s Cheri versus Maggie. Summer versus winter. Yorkshire pudding versus prawns on the BBQ. David versus Goliath. Actually, scratch that last one.


Christmas – Winter or Summer?

Cheri: Definitely summer. I’ve had two white Christmases. It was everything the movies promise from the smell of the real Christmas tree to making a snowman with a carrot nose. I absolutely loved every minute, but it didn’t feel like my Christmas.

Maggie: Definitely winter. I’ve never had a white Christmas, but I’ve spent January in Europe and the UK, as well as a snowy winter in New Zealand. I would LOVE to spend a Christmas overseas, somewhere cold, with mulled wine and a fireplace. That would be a dream come true.


Have you ever had a winter Christmas?

Cheri: Yes, twice while living in Canada.

Maggie: No. Sad face. Soon. Soooooon I tell you!


Have you ever had a summer Christmas?

Cheri: Yes! Growing up in Australia, it’s hot everywhere that time of year!

Maggie: Every damn year. Awful frizzy hair, sweaty makeup. Bleargh. But….beach. Australian beaches are amazing!


Best thing about a winter Christmas?

Cheri: Fireplaces, Smores, snow angels, snowboarding! Plus, I felt like I was living in an American or British sitcom.  (I say sitcom because I’m so funny!)

Maggie: Every Harry Potter movie and British Christmas film ever made. Every American Christmas film ever made. Bridget Jones. Die Hard. Snow. Fireplaces. Beanies. Big coats. All of it.


Best thing about a summer Christmas?

Cheri: Beaches and backyard cricket, cooking on the barbie, long days and those beautiful summer sunsets!

Maggie: The beach and the fresh prawns are amazing, I’ve got to admit.


Favourite winter Christmas activity?

Cheri: Snowball fights! I suck so bad at them and I’m totally an easy target, but oh so much fun!

Maggie: I’m going to sound like a broken record, but seriously…sitting by the fire with the snow falling outside, or walking the streets in a beanie and a big coat and falling into a pub for a Guinness (or ten) and a pork pie. Shit yeah.


Favourite winter Christmas dish?

Cheri: Yorkshire Puddings with gravy. They are the bomb-diggity! I don’t know how they came to exist in this crazy world (I’m sure I could google that), but they are the best thing since sliced bread! Speaking of bread, bread and butter pudding is amazeballs too!

Maggie: All of them. Roast meat. Yorkshire puddings. Puddings in general. Actually, just all the pudding. That’s my final answer. Lock it in. Pudding.


Favourite summer Christmas activity?

Cheri: Backyard cricket with no shoes. Not wearing shoes is the best!

Maggie: Cooking up a mad feast, drinking champagne for breakfast and hitting the beach on Boxing Day (with the 456, 789, 005 other people who had the same idea).


Favourite summer Christmas dish?

Cheri: Mangoes! Pavlova! And aaaaallll the seafood!! Oh my gosh, is it Christmas Day yet?!

Maggie: Fresh prawns are amazing, and were my Dad’s favourite, so I’m always keen for those. But that’s the honourable mention. The real winner is trifle. I mean, custard, sherry, jelly, cake, custard. What’s not to love? Did I mention custard?

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